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Rudie’s Dalston Review

On a bustling Saturday night in Dalston Kingsland, we ventured in from the cold to Rudie’s which was sure to warm us up.

Rudie’s is a contemporary Jamaican restaurant which opened late last year and is located a short walk from Dalston Kingsland overground.

After reading Grace Dent’s glowing review of Rudie’s I knew we were in for a treat.

We were quite early for our reservation so we chilled out at the bar with a cocktail each, both priced at £8.50. Karl went for the Jamaica Nice and I had a Cool Runnings – an interesting creamy coconut cocktail with rum spiced with mint, tamarind and ginger. Very different to any other cocktail I had tried before but so tasty.

Go for Irie hour from 5-7pm and from 10.30pm onwards and get 2 cocktails for £7.50.

They have the most amazing cocktails, I loved the look of the one above and it must have tasted good as I saw lots of people ordering it.

Chilling at the bar we admired the interiors. We were fascinated by the light fixtures the most, like palm trees (as seen above and below).

After a short while we were shown to our table and we decided to let Rudie’s do the ordering for us and pick out their favourite dishes.

To start we had Jerk calamari with coriander and lime dip (£7.95) and Ackee & saltfish Bakes (£7.95). Both were absolutely amazing but the Ackee had to be my favourite. The Ackee and Saltfish is flavoured with peppers and mild chilli which melted in your mouth in gorgeous milk dough rolls.

I like spicy food but I can’t take things too hot but both dishes were bearable for me without blowing my head off, we were very impressed.

For the main course we shared Ya Man! Platter which features a selection of chicken, pork, lamb & red cabbage slaw (£27.50) as well as Swordfish steak (£13.50) with a side of rice & peas (from £3.50). There was so much food we could hardly fit it all on the table. It was heaven.

I liked that the platter came with three different dips, two of which I managed without an issue. The third was a little too fiery for me, yet still delicious and still left me wanting more.

This was the first time I had tried swordfish and it was unlike any other fish dish I’ve had before. It had such a subtle fish taste but so wonderfully meaty and tender. After our first bite we both looked at each other, eyes wide. It really was amazing.

Sadly for me that since going to Rudie’s I’ve found out that I have a seafood allergy. I am devastated as it means I cannot stuff myself with their gorgeous fish dishes again. But on the bright side the jerk meats are as Grace Dent said, the best in London. The meat platter was the best I have had and I adored the rice and peas side. Although we were meant to share it, I think I almost devoured the whole bowl to myself.

Our eyes were bigger than our bellies and we were absolutely stuffed when it was time for dessert. We decided to share the Banana brulee (£6.50) with a glass of Sangster’s rum cream each (£4). I love Creme brulee and the Banana brulee did not disappoint. It was incredible (I think we both wished we had ordered one each in the end).

View Rudie’s full food and drinks menu here

Rudie’s marinate their jerk meats for 24 hours and they are then cooked over coal and wood chips.

You will leave smelling as though you have been sitting by a BBQ all night but it’s totally worth and it’ll only be a reminder of why you need to return.

The staff are wonderful. So helpful – especially when you change into your new clothes and leave the tag hanging out of your top while having a drink at the bar. Oops!

Thanks Rudie’s for a great night!


50 Stoke Newington Rd


N16 7XB

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