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Rihanna 777 London Show

I learnt a lesson this day. Always be prepared. Don’t think “oh I’m only in uni two hours I won’t bother doing myself up” because little did I know that later that evening I would be at the HMV Forum in Kentish Town to see Rihanna on her 777 tour & end up staying away two hours from home.

I was on my way when I got a tweet from Grazia about it, I couldn’t believe it! I had entered the competition at 1am earlier that day so was sure I had already missed the deadline and I had NO chance of winning. I had completely forgot I had even tweeted to win in my tired state!

I had no time to go back home to change, do my make up or get my camera so I had to go feeling a mess and used my rubbish iPhone 5 camera 🙁 But it was SO worth it! What an amazing night, even the expensive drinks didn’t upset me (£20 for a round for two people what the…)

Thank you so much Grazia!!

I am so thankful for Twitter, thanks to my tweeting obsession I have won so many things through it such as other concert tickets, soundcheck concert tickets, clothes, beauty stuff, signed albums etc etc.

(As you can tell I was practicing shorthand on the train when I took this photo!)

The night also gave me a fantastic opportunity to practice my journalistic skills and write a review for my university newspaper! Read it here.

I phoned my friend Sarah up about four hours before we were due to meet telling her to come! It was great to get to see her again as because of uni we only get to see each other every month or so now!

Although Rihanna was three hours late on stage, the time went by SO fast from us chatting that it seemed like 10 minutes late!

& here are my fantastic photos from my phone <__< So gutted I didn’t have my camera! Sarah got some absolutely amazing photos though I’m so jealous!

We were so near – I will probably never see her this close ever again!

& because Rihanna was so late on stage I went back to Sarahs for an unplanned sleepover as otherwise I might have missed my last train!

I got to borrow this onesie (yay! If you follow me on Instagram you will notice I have a big love for onesies 😀 @roxii_hs)

Rihanna was amazing and thank you so much to Grazia for this fantastic opportunity, it’s weird to think that this time last year I still hadn’t seen Rihanna live once now I’ve seen her THREE times!

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