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Revolución de Cuba Rum Bar and Cantina Glasgow

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

During our recent visit to Glasgow we stopped by Revolución de Cuba for lunch.

After being up since 4am and travelling 5 hours to Glasgow and then a further 2 hours of shopping (of course!) we were ready for food and cocktails. So we decided to check out the latest restaurant to the Glasgow culinary scene – Revolución de Cuba.

We entered the bright and airy bar and cantina and settled down in one of the cosy booths and ordered a cocktail each. We served by Ross who was a wonderful host throughout our lunch time visit, providing good chat and amazing service.

I went for a refreshing Pineapple Daiquiri, a fruity slushie mix of Barcadi, pineapple, lime and sugar, and my guest went for a Zombie – which perfectly described how we were feeling at that moment. This exciting mix is a secret ‘zombie’ mix with pineapple and orange – a drink with a powerful kick which sure did knock us out of our zombie like state and into a giggling mess instead.

You can see the cocktail offerings here. The incredible selection includes frozen Coconut Mojitos and Frose (frozen rose) as well as your typical cocktail mixes such as Aperol Spritz and a Strawberry Daiquiri. There’s also happy hour offers on so it’s worth visiting just for a drink if you aren’t hungry.

We ordered three tapas dishes to start and to satisfy our rumbling stomachs which had been pining for this moment all morning.

There’s an impressive selection of tapas to choose from so narrowing it down to three was difficult. We opted for Honey & Lime Chicken Skewers, Cauliflower Fritos, and Roasted Chorizo.

The Cauliflower Fritos were, although not photogenic, absolutely delicious. These fritos are fried in Mojito batter with a goats cheese and honey sauce. Of course the sound of the Mojito batter totally sold me but I am such a sucker for anything with goats cheese so this part won me over. They were absolutely delicious and although I couldn’t taste the Mojito flavour, the sauce was delicate but flavoursome and as good as I hoped for.

The chicken skewers were covered in a wonderful honey and lime glaze which really packed a punch, a great addition to our selection and a generous portion size.

The Roasted Chorizo was glazed in an incredible red wine and honey sauce. This dish turned out to be the best chorizo I have ever tried, the sauce was amazing and unlike any I had tried before.

Everything about the tapas dishes was impressive and I really wish we had ordered a few more instead of a main course. As I didn’t realise how filling they would be and how I really would not need a main course after…

It was difficult choosing a main course as there were just SO many wonderful options. You can see for yourself on the menu here.

The lack of sleep (or cocktails) had really gone to our heads so the giggles had started to set in. The rest of the restaurant must have thought we had gone absolutely mad. It didn’t help that my mum, who was spending the night in Glasgow with me, had opted for the burrito bowl which came served with a great helping of black beans. So when she opened her mouth to laugh she revealed a Hillbilly smile with a black bean completely covering a whole tooth. This meant we erupted into further giggles for another 10 minutes probably completely confusing the whole restaurant. Lack of sleep + Cocktails + Black beans is probably not the best combination but we were having an absolutely amazing time either way.

If you want to order a Burrito Bowl then make sure you bring a mirror. But no really, it was an amazing dish. Priced from £8 you receive a never ending bowl of rice, black beans (obvs), peppers, onions, cheese, sour cream, and guac and you can choose to have this with chicken, shredded pork, beef or mushroom, bean and spinach. This all comes served with a side of tortillas. It was an incredibly tasty dish packed with flavour.

I just cannot get enough of cheese of any kind so I plumped for Halloumi Wrap. The wrap was absolutely huge and almost bursting that it was so full. The halloumi is wrapped up with smoky salsa, lettuce, black beans (I was safe this time), peppers and my absolute favourite – goats cheese dressing. This came served with skinny fries.

But half way through we were absolutely defeated. Although both dishes were heavenly and we so wanted to finish them both, we couldn’t go on any further. This may also be the first on a restaurant review on Studded Kisses that we did not make it to dessert. We had no space, as delicious as they all sounded, we just could not manage it.

The portions were so generous that as mentioned, we wished we had instead stuck to ordering more tapas instead of branching out to mains. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies.

So here’s a photo of the delicious desserts we missed. My heart breaks that I didn’t get to try the chocolate praline cake.

We had an absolutely amazing time at Revolución de Cuba and it was one of those dining experiences that will always stand out for me. This was due to the amazing food, cocktails, customer service, decor and company. Whenever I’m next in Glasgow I will definitely stop by again even if it’s just for a plate of the Roasted Chorizo (just thinking back makes my mouth water…) and to sample a few more cocktails on their extensive list.

Here are some photos of the amazing decor at this delightful Latin-themed bar and kitchen. The decor made me forget that I was in Glasgow for a while and transported me to a sunnier place with the large ceiling fans, tiled mosaic flooring, brightly coloured plush seating, and red painted exposed brick walls. Sadly for now, this is as close I’ll get to Cuba…but it works for me!

If you aren’t located in Glasgow then Revolución de Cuba also have restaurants in Aberdeen, Belfast, Cardiff, Derby, Harrogate, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Nottingham, Reading an Sheffield.

Revolución de Cuba Rum Bar and Cantina

28-36 Renfield St


G2 1LU

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