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Review: Topshop: Brigthen in moonlight

Me and my mum were looking at buying YSL Touche Éclat, but at £25 I thought I’d leave it. When I saw this in Topshop I thought it looked like a copy of the radiant touch product so thought I would give it a try. I’m not one to use concealers but tried a similar looking product to this Topshop brighten ( £7) which was the 17 Hide & Chic concealer I got free at Freshers week and I really liked it. Topshop brighten works the same as the 17 concealer (£4.99) although I thought it gave too light of a coverage to hide those dark circles and brighten your eyes! It didn’t make me look flawless or brighten my skin, I didn’t notice any difference in how my make up looked when I did or didn’t use it, it is a very weak. I was surprised, I haven’t read any bad reviews on the Topshop website on the product so was disappointed in it! This is probably the only product from the Topshop range I wasn’t so keen on, everything else has been amazing!

Does anyone recommend a good concealer I can try next time?

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