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Review – The Massage Company, Tunbridge Wells

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I often associate massages with a spa, so I never usually consider going for one unless I am on holiday or staying at a spa hotel. I was delighted when The Massage Company opened just around the corner in Tunbridge Wells, just over a year ago, as I rarely treat myself to some relaxing ‘me time’. However, The Massage Company offers affordable, high quality massages so I don’t need to feel as guilty for going for regular massages.

The Massage Company offers a different approach to the usual normal one-off treatment you may have at a spa / hotel. Instead The Massage Company offers a variety of price plans so you can have regular massages at an affordable price.

The Massage Company offers high quality massages which can help improve mental and physical wellbeing and are recommended as an essential part of a balanced lifestyle. Massages include deep tissue massage, sports massage, swedish massage and maternity massage. There is also a choice of upgrades including hot stones, scalp massage, aromatherapy or a foot treatment.

The massages costs £79.95 each or £49.95 for members who sign up to one massage a month. There is also a flexi membership available which you can share your membership with family and friends for £59.95. Upgrades cost £5.50, or £7.95 for non members.

I was greeted on arrival and asked a few questions including my reasons for having a massage as well as being given a Massage Consultation Form to fill out. Here you can mention any pain areas, injuries and any other physical conditions and also allow your therapist to see what you want from the session, your preferences on the level of pressure you would like during your massage and any specific areas of your body in pain or needing specific attention during your massage. I rarely go for massages so I decided to go for a light massage and also noted the areas I did and didn’t want to be included in the massage.

The team are so friendly, I arrived early and had a lovely chat with the team before going in for my massage. I was feeling on edge as I always find massages quite uncomfortable, but they made be feel at ease.

The treatment room was comfortable and there was an option of a heated blanket to ensure you are truly relaxed. The treatments rooms are basic but still have an slight spa element to the room with soft, soothing music playing in the background and low lighting.

I opted for the classic swedish massage as it is ideal for those new to massage and as I also told my therapist I wanted the massage to relax me as this type of massage delivers fantastic benefits to both body and mind. 

My therapist, Samantha, used light pressure to loosen my muscles and remove toxins to help me feel less stressed, less tense,  and to improve flexibility. It wasn’t until I had the massage that I realised how tense and stressed and how much in need of a massage I was! 

My massage ended with my scalp massage upgrade, which was perfect as it totally relaxed me after a firm, but beneficial, full body massage. The scalp massage reduces tension in the whole head which improves mental clarity and emotional balance. Regular scalp massages are hugely beneficial as they can also help sleep related issues, like insomnia, reduce headaches & migraines while easing sinus congestion, plus they are so truly relaxing…I didn’t want it to end!

I’ve had scalp massages before and afterwards I just can’t wait to get home as it is awkward leaving with your hair totally messed up and covered in oil.  However The Massage Company’s scalp massage is done totally ‘dry’ to avoid you getting lotion in your hair which I was very impressed by. 

After my treatment I was given a glass of water and time to get dressed. Samantha was ready and waiting for me with my notes all written down which explained the areas I needed the massage the most and why, as well as her recommendations for the future. I left The Massage Company feeling relaxed, already a lot more flexible, less uptight and with a different mindset of massages and increased interest to visit more often with the convenience of  being in and out in less than an hour – ideal for a lunchtime massage!

The Massage Company

36 Monson Road

Tunbridge Wells



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