• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Review: Stila Angel Light Whitening Powder

As I blogged about before I got this Stila powder in POUNDLAND of all places! I’ve always wanted to try Stila, I wasn’t expecting much seeing it in Poundland but wow, I’m impressed! I’d say this is a great Benefit Hello Flawless powder dupe. At £24.50, the Stila powder is an amazing replacement for £1 (I better stock up, I’ve only got four so far :P)

It comes with a sponge and although the powder is a replacement one, I use it just like any other powder. It covers up any spots and blemishes which show through my make up and it lasts all day. I put it on at 7am before work and by the time I get home at 5.30pm it’s still all in place and stays quite matte (obviously any make up can’t go that long without looking a little greasy, as I have oily skin) but it keeps my make up in place all day long so well! If I go out after work I sometimes don’t feel I even have to top up my powder, like I did with Benefit, as it stays on that well!

If you want a matte effect make up and to cover spots and blemishes, I definitely recommend this powder. If you can’t find it in Poundland, it’s still pretty cheap to buy online! I doubt I will continue buying Benefit powder as this works better (didn’t think that was possible!)

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