• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Review: Rodial Five Minute Facial

After another Glossybox fail – sending us the wrong box – we finally got sent the right one and this Rodial 5 minute facial was inside.

I unsubscribed in July but my mum still receives a box (although actually unsubscribed after this box!) She gave me this sample to try out:

Below, I wanted to show how empty the sachet was! I only managed to cover the bottom of one cheek, bottom of my nose and around my mouth. I tried to spread a little onto my right cheek but it was impossible. As someone said on the Glossybox Facebook – “do you think I’m a Borrower?”

I agree, the sample was pathetic! The flash doesn’t show it very well but the cheek facing the camera is hardly covered!

I wanted to use this so I could review it, so I left it on for five minutes as told – on the parts of the face I managed to cover. But I actually haven’t noticed a different in my skin since then.

Maybe if I was to use this a few times and apply it more generously I may notice a difference – or I would hope to as a 50ml tube costs a pricey £35.

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