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Review: Paul Mitchell Limited Editon Rose Gold Express Ion Unclipped

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

This April Paul Mitchell will be launching the Limited Edition Rose Gold 3-in-1 styling wand. Here’s a sneak peak…

I have fallen in love with these styling wands. The tool is a beautiful fusion of rose gold and charcoal grey, it looks so luxurious, plus Paul Mitchell is one of my favourite hair brands.

My hair desperately needs dying and cutting but this curling tool has really upped my styling game. I used to curl my hair almost every day when my hair was long and I haven’t since I’ve had it cut short as I always thought it was impossible. I was totally wrong! I am obsessed with curling my hair now.

It’s given my hair so much more life and it really brings out the colour, making it so bouncy and vibrant. I’m now changing my mind about having my hair cut shorter so I can just curl it all of the time. I’ve received so many compliments since using these and I’ve found a new love for my hair as it has been really lacking life and style lately.

It is a 3-in-1 styling tool so it has three interchangeable barrels so you can create soft curls, tousled waves or full-bodied volume.

Each barrel can be easily changed by twisting it in place to unlock or lock it. You can alter the temperature on the tool so you can have it as cool or as hot as you like, depending on the style of curls you are looking for.

From top to bottom there is The Tapered Rod (for soft curls), The Bubble Rod (tousled waves), and The Rod (full-bodied volume). In these photos I have created this style using the tapered rod which I feel works the best for hair length. I’ve been away every weekend for the past six weeks and I’ve brought this with me every time, I haven’t used my hair straighteners since trying these out!

The tool launches this April and is priced at £89.95. You can see what salons you can purchase it from here.

My biggest worry when curling my hair is the curls falling out (I worry about it all day!) But these curls stayed in well and I loved the natural wave look it left the next day.

I had a hair disaster a few months ago where a stylist curled my hair using tongs and burnt some of my hair off! Even my hair dresser couldn’t sort it out! But after a few weeks my hair was back to normal after using Paul Mitchell products (especially their hair serums). This also means I was slightly nervous to use these, worried it would happen again. But the styling tool leaves my hair in great condition and feeling so healthy and bouncy. Plus you can change the temperature so you do not need to have it too hot if you don’t want to. I stick to around 180 when curling my hair.

The only downside is the tools do not come with a heat protection glove or matt so my fingers and hand are covered in little burns. (But this mainly be because I’m really clumsy though…)

What’s your favourite hair styling tool to use? Let me know any of your hair styling tips!

I am absolutely obsessed with the @paulmitchelluk 3 in 1 styling wand 😍😍 My hair needs cutting and dying so it’s been looking so dull but now I’m obsessed with curling it I don’t want to get it cut 😂🙊 The limited edition Rose Gold collection is out in April by the way! 💕💕 This isn’t an ad, Paul Mitchell kindly sent me the wand to try and I’m in love 😍😍😍😍 #IHeartPM #SalonSuccessUK @salonsuccessuk #pinkhair #hair #curlyhair #hairstyles #hairstyle #hairinspo #fbloggersuk #style #mingalondon #fashion #boomerang A post shared by Roxii Hoare-Smith 🦄 (@studdedkissesblog) on Mar 12, 2017 at 4:18am PDT

Photos taken at The Athenaeum, blog post coming soon.

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