• Roxii Hoare-Smith

REVIEW: New Menu at La Tasca

I’ve always been a huge fan of La Tasca as it’s been a family favourite for years.

So recently I popped along to the St Christopher’s Place branch (located just off of Oxford Street) to try out their new menu with the family.

As I’ve said before, what I love about La Tasca is that it guarantees great, authentic dishes and good wine and cocktails but at affordable prices. We visited on a Thursday evening before 7pm so were able to take advantage of their after work drinks promotion and ordered a bottle of wine for just £9. I can’t think of anywhere else in central London that you can order a bottle of wine so cheap, plus it is good quality wine too! You can view the promotions here.

We ordered an array of dishes from the menu to sample some of the new dishes with a few of our favourites.

Our gourmet feast included:

New dish – Crispy Aubergine and Honey (£4.50)

A delicious plate of crispy lightly battered aubergine slices, stacked and drizzled in honey. A brilliant mix of sweet vs savoury and the perfect contrast to the rest of the savoury dishes we ordered.

New dish – Courgette & Asparagus (£4.75)

A refreshingly healthy plate of courgette and asparagus shavings with a light lemon and olive oil dressing and topped with fine grated manchego. This worked well as the perfect side dish to accompany the tapas.

Patatas Bravas (£4.50)

A traditional dish which I always have to order when in a Spanish restaurant. Crispy cubes of potato smothered in a delicious spicy sofrito tomato sauce and alioli. A must-have dish whenever you visit La Tasca!

New dish – Pork Belly Croqueta (£5.50)

In my eyes these were the stars of the show! These hand crumbed slow-cooked pork belly croquetas are served with a sweet membrillo quince paste. These little delights were bursting with flavour with a delicious mix of sweet and savoury.

Pollo con Chorizo (£5.50)

A creamy and rich dish of chicken and chorizo in white wine and smoky paprika sauce. A mouth watering dish and a great addition to our vast variety of dishes.

Slow Cooked Pork Cheeks (£5.50)

This was another of our favourite dishes we feasted upon. These confit pork cheeks are served in a rich Pedro Ximenez sauce and come with crispy patatas. The pork was so succulent and just melted in our mouths.

Tortilla (£4.45)

Again, this is a dish which we always have to order when enjoying the culinary delights of Spain! A traditional potato, caramelised onion and egg frittata. This is an easy, fuss-free dish which was a much needed addition considering we had ordered a lot of very rich dishes.

Chorizo (£5.50)

One of my all time favourite meat dishes! Lastly, we enjoyed a plate of fresh ‘dulce’ chorizo sausage sauteed with caramelised red onion, garlic and thyme.

The service at La Tasca is always flawless and we were served by the lovely Angeles who really made sure we had a wonderful and comfortable experence. She kindly let us charge a phone, which we forgot and came running back for 30 minutes later… Thank you to the team for looking after it for us!

Seven dishes between the three of us seemed absolutely perfect and we even had a little bit of room left to indulge in La Tasca’s sweet treats.

The food coma hadn’t quite hit me yet and as always I was craving chocolate. So I went for the chocolate fondant served warm with vanilla ice cream (£4.95). The perfect treat to end a truly spectacular feast.

A bottle of wine, seven tapas dishes and two desserts came to £58 between three of us, which is almost unheard of in central London!

La Tasca has restaurants in London Broadgate, James Street, Leadenhall, Canary Wharf, Manchester Deansgate & Trafford Centre, Bournemouth, Lakeside, Durham and Liverpool.

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