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Review: Dermalogica Clean Start day/night 3-step kit

This really has made my skin clearer, as you can tell from my previous posts, Proactiv was a great help in calming my skin down and made it so much clearer. I still had the few odd spots (this isn’t putting Proactiv down because their products are amazing and made a huge different to my skin) but I can tell since using clean start that my skin has improved even more! It has helped improve the blemishes in my skin that Proactiv didn’t.

The amount of make up I apply has lowered even more and I’m not so embarrassed to go make up free anymore (although I’m not saying my skin is perfect – sadly – and I do make sure 90% I’m wearing make up out hahaha!) I’ve tried so many products and I’m starting to see what does and does not work and I would definitely buy Clean Start (as well as Proactiv) again.

You can buy it here for under £10 which is very cheap although the products are only small, I do find them very handy to carry with me – which is useful because I’m always going away! (To & from home & uni home, my boyfriends and weekends away)

I find the toner (below) very easy to use compared to most as it is a spray, although I do wonder if the toner does reach all of my face through spraying it, but it saves me on cotton pads haha! The toner is step 2 with the facial wash step 1 and moisturiser last, which I use in the morning only. Only one criticism about the moisturiser is that sometimes even if you squeeze it lightly and too much comes out – I don’t want to waste it! haha! 😉

I found that when I used the kit twice a day for about a week it did dry my skin out a lot, which I liked about Proactiv as it didn’t make me feel like that, so I’ve been using it once a day or just 3-4 times a week and I’m still noticing a difference! I never thought I would see the day that I would get like 1 or 2 spots at one time instead of about 100!

I’d definitely recommend this set if you have oily or spotty skin as it has helped me a lot. Dermalogica have two other sets – 1 for major breakouts and another to brighten skin – both around £9, so maybe I’ll be trying these soon 🙂

See, even Miley gets spots !

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