• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Review: Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Mascara

Collection 2000, now known as Collection Cosmetics. This mascara isn’t actually available as part of their collection (I’m saying collection too many times) anymore. I actually picked this mascara up in Poundland – hopefully it’s not 8 years old like the Stila powder…

The mascara is very dry and I wouldn’t say it creates XL volume as it is called. It took me like 10-15 coats to get the look below and I still wasn’t extremely satisfied! I have very short eyelashes so I need a really good mascara to get my lashes looking long!

I would wear this mascara if I’m having a lazy day when I’m not making a huge effort. I guess I can’t exactly complain for £1? It doesn’t smudge and lasts all day long.

#collection #collection2000 #Poundland

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