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Review: Bourjois magic nail polish remover

After Superdrug being sold out I managed to get the last one in Boots for £4.99 and they had an offer on Bourjois for buy 1 get the 2nd half price so I got a nail varnish, as unfortunately I couldn’t get two of these 🙁 (you can see the nail varnish at the bottom of this post)

I keep going on about how amazing it is, but seriously this is the best beauty product I have ever tried. Definitely a miracle product!

I will be buying this over and over again.

It takes about 2-3 seconds instead of the 1 second it claims but it’s still extremely fast, it saves so much time and so many cotton pads – I was amazed 😛

I had to remove glitter nail varnish with a cotton pad as it was taking ages in the pot – but this is the only downside!

This will be perfect to keep in my bag when I’m travelling/on holiday. It leave your fingers greasy afterwards but it’s much better than other nail varnish removers solutions such as quickies pads.

It also smells quite nice! (Red fruit and Vanilla fragrance)

My nail varnish!

I just put this on and the brush is angled making it so easy to apply and less messier than my other nail varnishes! Let’s see if it does last 10 days without chipping...review to follow.

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