• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Review: Bourjois 10 day no chip nail varnish

REALLY disappointed in this nail varnish. Above is a picture of the polish after about three hours of wearing it and it had chipped! I think it chipped worse than all my other nail varnishes which don’t even claim no chipping. 10 DAYS!? No idea how it was expected to last that long, after two days I had to take it off as it was looking awful.

After 10 hours of applying, the nail varnish looked terrible and so badly chipped. I was so surprised. At £5.99, I suppose it isn’t too bad of a price but I wouldn’t buy it again.

However, as a positive, the angled brush makes it SO easy to apply, this is one thing about it which I think makes it better than other nail polishes. If all nail polishes had this angled brush it would make applying nail polish so much easier and so much neater! This is the only thing which could persuade me to repurchase! Also the red colour has a slight shimmer to it, it’s a lovely colour.

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