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Review: Benefit ‘Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow’ foundation

It’s my mum who bought the foundation, ages ago actually, when it first launched. It’s taken me a while to write a review as I’ve been focusing on fashion on here but this has been hanging around in my drafts for months! As I also use ivory foundations I thought I would give it a try a few times to write this review.

The foundation is very watery, it seems to drip everywhere when I put it on my hand!

I was told you can create a full coverage with this foundation but it’s very light and I found I needed to use my max factor facefinity foundation powder or hello flawless powder on top as this failed to hide any redness on my skin. I was told by the woman at the Benefit stand with one application of the foundation it looks like you aren’t wearing any foundation which isn’t for me (and very true for this foundation). I like something which hides your flaws but doesn’t make it look like you’ve caked on the stuff! This foundation definitely doesn’t give that ‘caked’ on make up look.

It came with a free sample of ‘porefessional’ but it was the smallest sample ever, couldn’t even go across half of my face!

Although the foundation contains no oil, it isn’t a dry foundation which is best for my type of skin (oily/combination). It’s too watery for me! I think this would be perfect for someone with dry skin who wants little coverage (and possibly has no spots or blemishes they want to hide!) My mum mixes this with her Mac foundation to ‘thicken’ it as she also finds it too watery.

I always find it hard to find a foundation I like, I’ve tried so many but I’m always disappointed and always turn back to Clinique. Does anyone recommend a foundation for oily skin?

I wouldn’t buy the product myself although if you are interested you can check it out here for £24.50.

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