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Review: Benefit creaseless cream eye shadow/liner

I was trying out the Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner on my hand in Bentalls and thought the shadow ‘tattle tale’ looked lovely! It looked really gold and glittery and the woman at the counter showed me how you can use it as an eyeliner.

Although once I got home and tried it out on my eyes it seemed much less pigmented (maybe it was just the good lighting in the shop!?) but still I’m not complaining, I really do like it and would love to try out more colours.

(Featuring ‘they’re real’ mascara above)

You can buy the eye shadow/liner in a few different colours for £14 here. Which I think is cheap for such a good eye shadow which doesn’t crease and lasts all day and the pot will last a long time as you don’t need to use a lot! The price is pretty reasonable for Benefit!

Above shows how the eyeshadow looks on.

The first picture I am wearing more for a brighter look and the next shows one application for a lighter look.

This is probably one my favourite eye shadows as it never gets greasy even after wearing all day and feels great on, unlike some cream eyeshadows which feel disgustingly greasy straight after they are applied! I just wish this eyeshadow was available in another gold shade – little more brighter – more of a metallic gold!

After wearing it about 10 hours, no creases! (Except for the natural eye lines/creases you can see which isn’t the eyeshadow) – my eye lashes look so uneven and ‘spider like’ haha! You don’t even need to use an eye primer to keep it intact!

It does show it is a long wearing eye shadow and after using it for five months now it’s probably one of my favourite eye shadows I’ve used! I’d definitely buy it again. I’ve been wearing this a lot since May when I first got it, I love it! (As you can tell I’ve added a lot of exclamation marks to show my enthusiasm)

Although I’d love to try colour tattoo eye shadow or 17 eye shadow cream to compare to Benefit as both are fraction of the price.

What’s your favourite eye shadow/liner?

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