• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Review: Barry M Web Effect

As I always say, I should have done my research first!

The bottle cap has a web effect pattern on it, so I expected it to create a web effect? Wouldn’t you?

The croc effect nail polish has a different pattern on the cap so I didn’t expect this to be basically croc print in orange…

To get the look I used this white American Apparel nail polish (which I got free in store the other day!)

I think black would have looked a lot better!

Below are two photos of my ANONYMOUS tester. They did insist that I cleared up the mess around the nail before I posted a photo but I was too lazy (sorry guys!)

But as you can see it creates an orange croc affect, not the web effect I was expecting 🙁 I wanted to use my black Topshop nail art pen to draw spiders on the ‘web’ but I think now that would look so pointless as it looks nothing like a web!

Here are my nails and my tester 😉

I’m so rubbish with my other croc effect nail polish so mine didn’t go too well!

Look how bad my thumb nail turned out! I hated the look it gave, I think this was mainly because.

1. Black polish would look so much than white, do not like the white

2. I need to be neater with my nail painting and not so rushed!

3. Painted the web effect to the end of my nail to avoid that awful white space – ew!

The polish lasted around one day before cracking, but to be honest I couldn’t wait to take this off, I really did make a mess of it!

I would recommend the polish if you want an orange croc effect look but if you want to get a web effect for Halloween – I would avoid!

(Although I expect most people can do their nails better me!)

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