• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Review: Barry M Gelly nails

This was a bit of an impulse buy. I saw this in Superdrug a day or two after they came out and I thought as they were called ‘Gelly Hi-Shine’ because they had the look of gel nails and that like gel nails, they hardly chipped.

I guess I should have done my research before purchasing!

(I’m so bad at doing nails, excuse how messy they are!)

I love the look of the blueberry colour, sadly it was sold out 🙁

But I do think the colours I got look great on, they are bright and are very shiny. I love the look the nail varnish has.

But as you can see from the photo above, it was only a matter of hours before it chipped! I bought these nail varnishes because I assumed the Gelly name meant they didn’t chip as much – it chips more than any other Barry M nail varnish! I’ve now learnt not to assume.

Although these varnishes chip very easily, I would still recommend these if you only want to wear the nail varnish for one night or for a weekend as the colours available are so nice and I love the shiney look the varnish has! They apply really easily and so neatly which I love.

I bought these two in Superdrug and recieved a free web effect polish for Halloween which hopefully I will review soon! (But if I find it as difficult to apply as the croc effect which I promise to review back in March, I may not feature it anytime soon!)

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