• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Returning to uni after Easter

The weather’s been pretty dull the past week and I’ve been trying to get my assignments done for next month – which isn’t too far away eek! – and writing for A-SHU and keeping this blog!

Here’s a boring picture of some of the books I’m looking at for my essays! I have two journalism, one media and a politics essay to do 🙁

I was reunited with my creepers after 10 days, I love these so much!

My wireless tickets came, SO excited!!

Wearing my £1 Primark lipstick, possibly best lipstick I’ve tried!?

Another Wireless ticket 😀

My mexican style meal on friday

Went for a drink with my parents…

& as you can tell I had a bit too many…

Oops haha!

After a failed trip to the post office on Friday, I was finally able to pick this up Saturday, already excited for my May edition!

Ben bought me some flowers 🙂

& we made some cookies 🙂

Spent some of saturday with Sarah too but we didn’t take any photos because I was feeling a little hungover saturday 😛

My Litas, ahhh!

Me and my mum in the pub on friday 😛

Above are just a few photos of me my mum sent me over from her phone, I thought I’d post here!

Today I’ve started trying out my Glossybox products and cosmetics I got on friday so reviews to come soon! 🙂

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