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Recent purchases

Hopefully this posts will be getting rare (cry) because I’m going to stop shopping as much now as I have a lot to save for. Here is what I have been buying recently:

So cheap!

£12.75 – Forever21

I bought this to wear with maxi skirts and high waisted shorts/skirts

Finally got these babies, ahhh! Can’t wait to wear them!

£32.99 – eBay

My mum got me another clinique foundation, I seem to swap between Alabaster and Ivory each time I buy a new one.

Clinique – £22

My mum got me some suncream for my holidays, so excited!

Half price in Boots!

I finally got a trilby style hat, what I’ve been after for ages and finally gave in. I need one for the sun on my holidays 😛

Only £7.40 – Forever 21

Ok, so my shorts I ordered (below) didn’t turn up for 6 weeks so as a sorry give Red Rock vintage shop sent me the top above…

Sometimes when I buy things which aren’t so nice I can easily style them to make them look better. No idea what to do with this…ew! SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?

And it’s selling for £16 on their site…not sure how.

My leather studded shorts which finally arrived from Red Rock fashion. Can’t wait to wear them!

My Jones + Jones dress was ripped when I bought it in February but as it was too cold to wear I never realised it until recently! So after Jones + Jones ignored my email asking for an exchange I had to take the 1-2hour journey into Oxford Circus to exchange at Topshop there.

I couldn’t get the same dress so I got this rather pink and girly one above.

Ordered from Missguided eeee 😀

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