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Queen of Hoxton’s Skye Halla Rooftop

Cosy up this winter at Queen of Hoxton’s Skye Halla Rooftop.

I stopped by Queen of Hoxton’s Winter Wigwam last week for hot buttered rum and pork belly hot pot to get me into the winter mood.

I’ve been dying to visit Queen of Hoxton for ages as it seems my ideal place. The quirky venue is located in East London and is a pub, club and restaurant all in one.

I feel like winter has sudden fallen upon us. Just over a week ago it was still pretty warm and now it is absolutely freezing! After Bonfire Night I’m starting to prepare myself for Christmas and really getting into the whole ‘winter vibe’. So hot drinks (preferably with alcohol) and comforting winter dishes are just what I need.

The Viking themed winter rooftop is cosy with an open fire (there’s marshmallows on offer!), Nordic inspired dishes and a variety of hot and cold cocktails. You can even drink cocktails out of horns and the hot buttered rum is to die for!

See Queen of Hoxton’s Winter Wigwam sample menus below:

Sample Cocktail Menu

Freyja’s Nettle Love Elixir

A Stinging Nettle Martini with Elderflower, Lemon, Agave and Nettle infused Hendricks Gin

Thor’s Courage

Hot Mead Punch with Honey, Ginger, Rosemary and Bison Green Grass Vodka

Bjorn’s Brambled Wine

Hot Spiced Red Wine Spiked with Hendricks Gin

Skye’s Hot Buttered Rum

Our Famous Spiced Hot Buttered Rum

Sample Food Menu

Hodhr’s Hotpot

Pork belly hot pot with apples, potatoes, herb, wild & smoked garlic. Served with optional crusty roll

Rán’s Rosti

Salmon Rosti with dill, wild garlic and thyme served with optional sides of pickled sweet and sour red cabbage and buttery root vegetable mash

Týr’s Sloe Gin Turkey Leg

Slow braised turkey leg glazed with sloe gin gravy

There will also be a variety of events going on at the Skye Halla Rooftop:

The Braid Bar Presents a Hair Braiding Workshop

Date: 15th November 7-8pm

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/4875/braid-bar-on-the-wigwam

AVM Curiosities present The Anglo-Saxon Drinking Cabinet

Date: 20th November, 6pm -10pm

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/5089/avm-curiosities-present-the-anglo-saxon-drinking-cabinet

Viking Life Drawing with Art Macabre: Valkyries

Date: 3 December, 1-3pm

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/4898/viking-life-drawing-with-art-macabre-valkyries

The Art Of Etching

Date: 12th November, 2-4pm

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/5073/the-art-of-etching

Queen of Hoxton

1 Curtain Rd



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