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ProSkin LED Light Therapy Review

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I went to ProSkin to try out the LED Light Therapy treatment.

I’ve never had a facial treatment before. I hate not wearing makeup in public and only sometimes do I let other people see me without make up (sorry guys). So the thought of having a facial treatment often scared me. Having to have my make up taken off and then leaving the clinic make up less was just my worst nightmare.

However I thought I would bite the bullet and check out the LED Light Therapy treatment at ProSkin.

ProSkin are based all over London however I decided to go to the Bond Street clinic as it was the closest to the office. I really liked the sound of the LED Light Therapy as it is a painless treatment that works by using specific colour wavelengths of light, these penetrate the skin at varying depths. The light is working to energies cells in the skin to produce collagen, improve elasticity and increase blood circulation and oxygen flow while releasing toxins.

When I arrived at ProSkin Bond Street I was asked to fill in a form so I can let them know what I wanted most out of the treatment. I wanted to improve redness of my skin and scarring as these are my main two faults which I hate and the reason why I like to wear foundation to cover up.

When we went to the treatment room my skin was prepped for treatment and my make up was gently removed. My therapist was wonderful, she made me feel really relaxed and told me so much important information on the treatment. She listened to what I wanted to get out of the treatment and recommended I go for LED blue light.

The LED blue light is recommended for acne and congested skin. I do not suffer from acne and my breakouts are minimal however I have a bit of scarring, which I was told is often due to congested skin. The blue light has anti-bacterial properties which decongests and purifies the skin. It kills bacteria in the skin as well as reducing any active acne, preventing breakouts and shrinks enlarged pores.

I laid on the bed for 20 minutes with the blue light above my face, wearing protective goggles to protect my eyes. My therapists came to check up on me but this part was so relaxing that I could have easily fallen asleep! I felt so at ease and was a bit disappointed when the 20 minutes were up – I could have stayed and chilled out a bit longer!

Following the treatment, my skin was cleansed and a moisturiser was applied which contains acne fighting ingredients such as tea tree and Salicylic acid.

ProSkin then gave me so many helpful tips in order to keep my skin clean and to prevent congestion. They recommended I use products containing tea tree and Salicylic acid and stay clear of heavy foundations as this can congest the skin. They also showed me how to improve my makeup removal routine and recommended that after cleansing with cotton pads I also cleanse my face using my hands so I can get into all the crevices and areas I may have missed.

I left ProSkin feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and definitely not ready to travel home, I could have napped for a bit! They made me feel so much better about my skin and realised it is not actually as bad as I think and it is so easily treatable. I even travelled home make up less (!!)

ProSkin recommend 6-8 sessions of the treatment to completely benefit from it. This left me feeling a bit sceptical that I would notice anything from this one treatment, but I have! Since the treatment the redness and scarring on my skin has visibly reduced and it is definitely far less congested. I have had no new spots or scarring and my skin is so much smoother. I would definitely consider going back for more sessions as if I noticed the difference from one, surely I would from a few more.

I am now convinced that LED Light Therapy is the secret to flawless complexion!

UPDATE: When I wrote the above it had been 2 weeks since my treatment. Since then it has been 6 weeks. I’ve noticed my skin has started slightly flaring up and breaking out again so I definitely believe it was the LED light treatment responsible for keeping my skin clearer and smoother over the past few weeks and now it’s looks like I need to come back for another session. I’m very impressed at how much I noticed a different.

The LED Light Therapy is priced at £49 per session. ProSkin also specialise in Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair treatment, Botox, 3d Lipo, Acne treatment and wrinkle reduction. Their prices are very affordable too, compared to other London clinics, so I am definitely considering visiting for more treatments.

ProSkin Clinics are located in London as well as Kent and Surrey. You can view the list of locations here.

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