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Proactiv 3 step skin care: Two weeks in

It’s two weeks today since I started using Proactiv Solution so here is an update on how it’s going!

I always used to see Proactiv advertise on the MTV channels with Katy Perry and Justin Bieber saying how it was amazing. By seeing that I thought I never wanted to try the stuff as I didn’t believe it would work.

Then Boots started selling it for £39.99 so I started reading loads of reviews online as I was interested in using it and wanted to see whether people said it worked or not. I’d say around 8 out of 10 reviews said it was amazing and their spots cleared up in days and it was the best thing they had ever tried.

The box above (featuring YSL mascara)

As soon as the Proactiv arrived I started using it straight away.

There are 3 steps:

  1. Exfoliator

  2. Toner

  3. Moisturiser

The box explains how to use each each treatment.

The reviews said many people had found it dried out their skin straight away, which I’ve found with spot creams and cleansers before and after two weeks I still haven’t found this. Which is good as I hate it when it happens and it makes my make up go on awful but then again, because it hasn’t made my skin dry it makes me doubt it actually works!

Other reviews said the treatment made their skin sting and burn, which apparently proves it’s working? I didn’t experience this either. Did I get the right kit!?

After two weeks, I’ve noticed a small difference. My skin is looking slightly clearer than before but still not great 🙁 Bit disappointing for £39.99!

My skin doesn’t seem to get as oily like it used to after using the treatment for two weeks. The redness in my skin has disappeared and although I have a few spots making an appearance, I am getting less. To me my skin doesn’t look much different!

I’ll post a review in a few weeks to update you how it’s going as the set is a 60 day kit!

How do you fight spots and blemishes ?

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