• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Pool Party

Crop – eBay

Skirt – Motel Rocks

Heels – Primark

So I have already featured this whole outfit but in a completely different colour!

The purple crop and skirt and black heels can be seen here

The black heels (these ones are blue if you can’t see!) have been featured so many times on my blog already such as here and here.

I wore this outfit to a Pool Party event at a night club. I didn’t actually get in the pool (this time). I wore it as it’s blue and thought it was quite fitting really? Kind of?

It’s getting so cold and wet now. The weather was amazing this summer and looking back at these photos – these photos were taken back in August – it makes me miss my lighter hair and tan (I promise it’s real ;)) I’m already thinking of next Summer and the million things I want to do. Although top of my list are past third year, graduate and find a job!

Oh and by the way you can get 20% off Motel Rocks if you use my code below at checkout!

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