• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Plain Jane

Harrington – Emporium, Canterbury

Top – Missguided

Jeans – Topshop

Converse – Sports Direct

I hope you all haven’t forgotten me!? I haven’t posted in so long as I recently moved out and our internet was only fitted today! I’m back to blogging now…hopefully! Third year is looking TOUGH so posts won’t be as often as I would like.

Although this outfit is so plain, especially for me, I’m in love with it! These jeans are my favourite and definitely worth the Topshop price tag. I recently bought the Joni jeans, so expect a post featuring them soon!

I’ve been so uninspired fashion wise lately, especially as the weather changes daily! I wore this outfit on a colder rainy September day, British weather is so bipolar! I’ve been wearing Converse constantly the past month. I own about six pairs but hadn’t worn them in ages until now. They are my ‘go-to’ shoes at the moment. As a few weeks ago the weather was so warm (not complaining, I love it!) and way too hot for boots, docs or creepers which I normally wear ALL the time! But now it’s getting colder, I’ve brought them back out.

I ordered this top from Missguided from their new Sweet Deal range. The new range is amazing and SO cheap. This tee cost £4.49! I managed to get some dresses for under £7 too which I will feature soon!

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