• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Pizza Storm Review

Feeling hungry? Don’t worry because PizzaStorm will serve you up pizza in 180 seconds.

As an avid pizza lover I visited PizzaStorm a new custom-made pizza restaurant, in Wandsworth Southside Centre, to see what all the fuss was about.

PizzaStorm is a new concept to London which offers fast and fresh custom-made 11 inch stone-baked pizzas. You can choose from over 50 unlimited toppings and craft your own pizza or select from one of the 6 Hall of Flames signature pizzas, which include recipes such as “This Little Piggy Had BBQ”, “The Mexicana”, and the “Blazin’ Tornado”.

PizzaStorm was easy to find in Wandsworth Southside Centre with its large glowing red sign outside, filled with families, couples and even children’s parties on a chilly Monday evening. I was unsure what to expect and began to think that PizzaStorm could just be like any other fast food chain, but I was pleasantly surprised. This isn’t your usual greasy fast food pizza place, PizzaStorm serves up fresh, top quality grub.

The stone baked pizza aroma filled the room and we quickly joined to queue eager for a taste.

While in the queue we picked our drinks from the refrigerator, we went for wine and prosecco, which beats any other fast food restaurant I’ve been too! But there was other choices of craft beers, ciders and soft drinks as well as a range of sides such as guacamole and coleslaw. There is also complimentary water for all diners with interesting flavours such as rhubarb and rosehip or elderflower and bramley apple

Then we were guided along the PizzaStorm counter where we first chose our base sauce, then cheese, and on to our choice of veg and meat toppings. There was so much to choose from, we were so impressed but it made our choice very difficult! But this means there’s a choice for everyone, so it’s the ideal place to even take the pickiest of eaters. It’s all great value too, as each pizza came to less than £9.

I went for a tomato base but our server recommended bbq and tomato mixed, so I know I’ll be trying that next time. That’s another point to note, everyone who works at PizzaStorm is so friendly and so cheery and really made our time enjoyable.

I piled my pizza with mozzarella, goats cheese, salami, chorizo, mushrooms and red peppers. Whereas my guest went for a veggie pizza and took advantage on the large selection of veg toppings.

Within 3 minutes our pizzas were ready to be served. It took us longer to choose our toppings than it did for it cook! The pizza were amazing quality and great value. They were huge, so large that it was a struggle but I’m not one to be defeated by food so when we were finished there wasn’t a crumb left in sight. There wasn’t one fault to the pizza. The base was thin but soft and fluffy and the toppings were so flavoursome.

During your visit to PizzaStorm make sure you save room for dessert. We were amazed by the unlimited ice cream option, it took me back to my childhood and my love for the ice cream factory station at Pizza Hut. I relived my childhood by choosing to smother my ice cream in caramel and bubblegum sauce with a load of smarties sprinkled on top.

We left feeling comfortably full and very satisfied. PizzaStorm was the perfect place to get a catch up with friends over a few drinks and a pizza without breaking the bank and especially if you are short on time.


4 Garratt Lane



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