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Ping Pong St Christopher’s Place Review

Before our trip to China, we headed to Ping Pong for a taste of the Far East.

(This is the second time I’ve written this post, so fingers crossed it doesn’t disappear again!)

I’m a big fan of dim sum but working until 5.30pm I often don’t get the chance to indulge in it as Dim sum is traditionally served Noon until 5pm. However Ping Pong specialises in dim sum so it is available all day.

We headed to St Christopher’s Place as it is one of my favourite areas to wine and dine in London. It’s a little area tucked away off of Oxford Street, just opposite Bond Street and the perfect place to stop off during a shopping trip.

We began our evening by sharing a Chinese Zombie cocktail for 2 (£15.95). This is probably one of the strongest cocktails on the menu but it was really enjoyable and refreshing. The Chinese Zombie is mix of Bacardi carta oro rum, Barcardi carta blanca rum, Apricot brandy, Appleton vx rum, Wray & Nephew rum with limes, Angostura butters, hibiscus syrup, pineapple and passion fruit. It’s the perfect sharing cocktail, especially for rum fans!

You can view the drinks menu here.

On each table there is a list and pencil so that you can tick off the dishes you would like to order then hand this to your server.

The food menu (here) is extensive and you can easily get carrying away ticking everything off! We were starving and knowing that with dim sum each dish usually comes with 3-4 pieces we decided to order a huge variety to share. My favourite dim sum dish is roast pork puffs so I was so sad to see they were out of stock this day. However despite this we still ordered a large range of amazing dishes.

We went for Beef gyoza dumpling (£4.45), pictured above. These little dumplings are filled with juicy beef and shiitake mushroom and are one of my favourite dim sum dishes to order.

Above, Duck spring rolls (£4.85). These had great flavour and this dish came with 4 pieces so we didn’t need to fight over the last one!

Steamed Shanghai Pak Choi (£3.95).

We had been interested in trying Pak Choi for a while. Although it doesn’t look very appealing it was a really refreshing dish had an amazing flavoured covered in soya sauce and crispy garlic. I’ll definitely ordering this again.

The Prawn toast (£4.45) came served with a delicious spicy mango sauce. Although really tasty it wasn’t the highlight of the dishes out of everything for me, Karl disagreed though!

We ordered a Honeyed chilli chicken and mushroom rice pot to mix it up a bit amongst the buns and dumplings.

We also ordered Char Sui Buns filled with honey barbecued pork (£3.85). The buns were deliciously light and fluffy, I highly recommend ordering these when eating dim sum.

We also feasted on delicate Spicy chicken dumplings (£3.95) and Shanghai Xiaolongbao (£3.85). It was the first time I’d tried Xiaolongbao and they did not disappoint, I ended up greedily demolishing 3 out of the 4 dumplings in the basket. The dumplings are filled with soup and pork, ginger and spring onion. Because they are filled with soup it is recommended you eat the dumplings in one mouthful.

The dumplings are very light but surprisingly filling, the amount of dishes we ordered was the perfect amount between the two of us. Although still a beginner, I still managed to eat my whole meal with chopsticks, it was great practice before our Asian adventure.

All the dishes arrive within minutes of each other, warm, fresh, beautifully presented and utterly delicious.

All the dishes we ordered were very reasonably priced and great portion sizes. The great thing about dim sum is that you can as many dishes as you like depending on your appetite. You can order more dishes as you eat so you don’t have to worry about over ordering or not ordering enough! There’s no food envy either as dim sum is for sharing.

For dessert Karl went for the chocolate fondant filled with dark chocolate (£4.55) which was incredible!

I’m a huge matcha fan so I had to order the Yuzu matcha finger cake (£4.55). The slice is made up of a matcha green tea biscuit base with mango and passion fruit compote, yuzu mousse and pistachio. It was really yummy but I felt it lacked a bit of flavour. If I was to visit again I would most likely go for the chocolate fondant instead.

I ended the evening with a refreshing Hibiscus Spritz (£8.55) – prosecco and St. Germain Elderflower with a glass of blackcurrant and homemade hibiscus soda as a mixer.

We had such a fun relaxing evening at Ping Pong. The St Christopher’s Place is the perfect summer venue with wide open windows, making it very bright, airy and cool.

For 4 cocktails, one sharer cocktails and all of the dishes above our bill came to £92 plus service charge.

We visited the St Christopher’s Place branch but there are seven other branches across London (see list here).

Throughout our visit Deliveroo drivers were constantly coming in to pick up orders showing it is very popular for delivery too. You can also come by the restaurant to order a takeaway.

Ping Pong

St Christopher’s Place

29A James St



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