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Piacha Tea Bar & Shop Review

What better to do in London than go for tea?

It’s true, us Brits love a nice cup of Rosie Lee. I wasn’t a big tea fan until about two years ago, when I went for my first ever afternoon tea and felt obliged to order a cup of English Breakfast like a true Brit. That’s where my tea obsession began and I can’t go a day without at least 3 cups.

So due to my love of tea, I had to visit Piacha Tea Bar & Shop in Upper Street.

The tea bar and shop is trendy and friendly, we received a nice warm welcome upon arrival. Inside it has brick exposed walls for that rustic look with the sound of Brazilian music playing around us. It’s chilled with laid back seating areas where people chatted with friends or were working on their laptops. The tea bar was busy throughout our visit, with many guests coming and going.

This is a tea lovers paradise but also caters for who aren’t! The menu has a huge selection of teas as well as coffee, hot chocolate. There is every kind of tea you could want: green teas, white teas, herbal teas, hot and cold tea smoothies. We also admired the beautiful cakes, pastries and macarons at the front of the shop. I didn’t expect these, so immediately regretted the huge brunch I had before my visit!

You can view the menu here.

The tea is on shelves at the front of the shop which you are able to smell before you order. The aromas were amazing and we were spoilt for choice as there were just too many fantastic flavours to choose from! Some of my favourites included Rooibos Rhubarb Fudge, Rooibos Choc Cinnamon and Liquorice Mint – these teas are available to buy to take home too.

Piacha has gone for a fresh take on tea with their quirky drinks and tea infused snacks. I was particularly sold on the tea smoothies so went for the Classic Ice Tea smoothie – blueberry matcha flavour (£4.50). You can also choose from a selection of hot tea smoothies, I loved the idea as it was so different to anything I had tried before!

Between the three of us we shared the Ice tea smoothie and two hot teas – Mate Choc Mint (£2.50) and Apple Green Tea (£2.50).

Each were equally fantastic but I’m a sucker for smoothies so that had to be my favourite and as I’d never had a tea smoothie before so it was really cool to try something different.

We tried some of their sandwiches including Herbs & Humus (£4.20) and Lapsang Ham (£4.40). The ham sandwich included tea mixed in the mustard – what a quirky idea! It worked really well within the mustard, it added a real flavour without being too overpowering.

Our snacks were followed with a Mate Choc Mint tea each. It was the perfect after snack tea and just so slightly sweet – a great dessert alternative!

I’m not much of a latte drinker unless it’s Matcha or Chai and I have only just seen on the menu that they have a Matcha Chai Latte. My dream latte! I’ll just have to return to try it out then.

Piacha also offers tea tasting sessions and afternoon tea.

Piacha Tea Bar & Shop

280 Upper Street


N1 2TZ

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