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Party Dress

I’m obsessed with pastels

Dress – asos

Heels – River Island

There was lots of giggling during the taking of these photos as it was the first time my mum had used a Canon camera. It was a bit confusing during the first few shots so we were cracking up, but I don’t think these are too bad for her first go!

At the moment I am obsessed with pastels. After attending LFW last season and seeing that pastels are going to be huge again this year I have already started preparing. I’ve been buying pastel shoes, accessories, clothes and even lipsticks. I’m currently searching for a pastel coloured pair of trainers so please do tweet me if you have seen any goodies (@roxannehs)

Trainers are not normally my thing and, apart from Converse and trainers which I had to wear for PE at school, I have never actually owned a pair of trainers. The amount of commuters I see wearing them has changed my opinion and I am dying to own a pair of custom Nike trainers. If you work in London you know what trend I mean, Karl calls it ‘the London look’. However I don’t think I would pair my trainers with a pencil skirt as that trend hasn’t quite grown on me yet…

Anyway as usual I’m rambling on. I do love this little number from asos. The light shades and the style of dress takes me back to being 4 again and going to birthday parties.

Fortunately wearing a dress that may make me feel 4 again doesn’t mean I need to in fact act it. So to go with a party dress you need a drink of course. Summer may not be here yet but it doesn’t mean I can’t start on the summer tipples. Last week I spent the whole weekend relaxing, eating and sipping on Kold Frozen Cosmopolitan Cocktails.

I’m a huge cocktail fan and unfortunately I’m no cocktail making expert so these Kold frozen cocktails are perfect for me. There is no need for a blender, simply put the packet into the freezer for a few hours and there you have it – a sweet, tangy and flavoursome Cosmo – I just need a waiter to go with them!

Cocktail photography by Karl.

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