• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Park Life

Jacket – Vintage Levi (Mums!)

Dress – Motel Rocks

Sunglasses – Primark

Shoes – Vans

You can get this dress on Motel Rocks and get 20% off with this code!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

I bought this dress a few weeks back after asking for it for Christmas but it was out of stock, a small came back in stock shortly after Christmas so had to snap it up! I’ve owned this dress a less amount of time than most of my clothes but I have probably worn it the most. Definitely one of my favourite pieces of clothing at the moment and I’m sure I will wear it out this summer.

I’m not really a trainer person but soon as the sun comes out so do the vans and converse and I really want a pair of Nike Blazers! I love to mix and match my style. If I could wear heels everyday I would, but I don’t think my feet can handle it and secondly I don’t trust myself in them that much!

#levi #motelrocks #Primark #Vans

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