• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Pacha La Pineda

Dress – Jones + Jones

Heels – ASOS

These photos were taken in Salou before going to the Midnight Festival at Pacha nightclub (amazing night!). I was so happy I finally got to visit a Pacha night club…next stop Pacha Victoria! I also wore this dress at my 20th birthday party/night out (another incredible night).

I bought this dress on my 19th birthday but never got round to wearing it until this summer! Someone actually threw a drink and it went all over me at my birthday, but it was lemonade and malibu so it didn’t stain thankfully and it didn’t actually smell too bad 😉 haha!!

I cannot get enough of Jones + Jones! I bought two new dresses from there last week. Yes two. Oops. They were such bargains so I couldn’t resist and they are such stunning dresses. I now own six dresses and one skirt from there. There was a seventh dress but I had to take it back as it was bought damaged so I never had the chance to wear it out 🙁

#Asos #JonesJones #Topshop

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