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Operation Christmas Child (OCC)

You may remember making this at primary or even secondary school. Filling an old shoe box with gifts and wrapping it up in Christmas paper?

If you don’t know what I mean, basically that is what it is. Putting gifts into a shoe box!

OCC send these boxes to underprivileged children across the world. I used to find it so fun making these boxes and I even helped run the campaign four years ago at school. That was the last time I made a box and it wasn’t until recently I actually realised you can make your own box and hand it in locally – I never thought of doing it outside of school.

You can search your local drop off points on the OCC website here.

Here are some of the things I bought to put in the box.

Damn you Wilkinsons for putting ‘EVERYDAY VALUE’ on your products making me look stingy haha – I chose these products as then I could afford to put more items in the box.

In my box for a 5 – 9 year old girl I put:

– Sticker and colouring book

– Notepad

– Colouring book (#2)

– Felt pens

– Crayons

– Colouring pencils

– Fish shaped sharpener

– Panda cuddly toy

– Hair clips

– Toothpaste

– 2x Toothbrushes

– 2x Soaps

– Flannel

– Sweets


Things I added which are not pictured:

– More notepads

– Rubber


– Pens

I know this isn’t a fashion or beauty related post and I haven’t been asked to promote the charity. I thought I would add the post to bring awareness to the charity and how you can help a child this Christmas! & how you can do if you are a student like me – Wilkinsons! It is also something I really enjoyed doing 🙂

The deadline for dropping off your boxes – 18th November I bought the sweets below for the box but the best before date has to be after March 2013, this is only one day out but I didn’t want to risk it. On the brightside, I’ve got some starburst for myself now 😉 I’ve now replaced them now though so I’m not being selfish just keeping them to myself 😛

Here is my finished box! (now featuring a 4 pack of chewits which expire in october 2013!)

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