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Olympic torch (& my birthday!)

It was my 19th on the 19th & above is me opening my presents – wearing my new AA Disco pants yayayay – so expect a post soon based on those!

About 16 months ago I found out the Olympic Torch would be coming to my town on my birthday and knew that was what I wanted to do on my 19th, go to see it, as its a once in a lifetime experience! Although this may not be to everyones taste to celebrate their birthday hahah!

There was a concert celebrating the torch so I went there with my friends & family, although I didn’t realise there were actually two concerts one with Rizzle Kicks (wahhhh I love them) & another with Alvin Stardust (o___O) – which is where I went haha! They still showed the Rizzle Kicks show on the screens so it was all good!

Here are some photos from my great day! I did plan to see the torch leave the next day but it was leaving at 6:30am so decided against it 😛

Olympic torch celebration concert

The torch entering my town

My boyfriend got me a union jack balloon for my birthday 😀

With my mum, Ben, me, Ronan & Sarah


Union Jack Top – Brandy Melville

Trousers – American Apparel

Shoes – Dr Martens

Jacket – ASOS

I will have a post soon with all my amazing presents I got, Thank you everyone! 🙂

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