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OBEY Clothing LookBook

Wearing a few pieces from Obey

No I’m not I don’t think I’m a model, so please excuse the serious ‘wannabe’ model poses…

Here are a few shots we recently took wearing Obey clothing. I’d heard of Obey before but I had never thought to take a look at their collection. So I want to introduce you to some of their pieces, as you may be as surprised as I was by their collection.

The brand really matches my style. I love to dress up (wearing girly colours such a pink for example, as always) but I can also add an edge to my style with distressed clothing, docs or studs (hence the blog name).

I was really surprised when I saw these items from Obey, as the style is ‘very me’ and I was left wondering why I hadn’t taken the time to look into the brand before.

For a bit of background info, Obey was founded in 2001. The American brand is an extension of graffiti artist Shepard Fairey’s street and fine art campaign. The brand plays out its populist views through its fun sweatshirts and print tops. However I’ve noticed how the brand has changed over the years to keep up with the latest trends yet also keep this skater, punk vibe in the collection. I love the edgy, punk, distressed style the pieces which have pops of candy and pastel colours, adding that girly edge. You can check out the collection on Asos (plus there’s a few pieces in the sale!)

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