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New OOTD & Bloglovin

Jacket – Vintage Levi

Dress – Bershka

Heels – ASOS

As I keep saying I’m having a million problems with my blog after I had to change my domain. Very upset but I’m almost there and hopefully I can back to normal posting again.

I’ve lost ALL of my Bloglovin followers wahhh :'( So please follow me and I’ll follow back!! It’s like starting all over again, it is such a pain!

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I bought this dress for just 6 euros in Bershka in Tarragona and it’s perfect for this sudden outburst of sunshine! I wore this on a casual day out but it would also be perfect for an evening out, you cannot go wrong with bodycon (although it isn’t good after eating a big meal :P)

This is my mums jacket – I’m always stealing it! It is a custom made jacket she bought back in the 80s. I may have to steal this when I move out hahah!

Again I’m wearing my favourite Asos sandals which I’m so happy I bought. They are getting so worn out already…tempted to buy them in another colour 😉

#Asos #Berskha #levi #Vintage

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