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New Discoveries

I’m always on the look out for bargains!

Jacket – ASOS

Top – Hollister

Jeans – Primark

Heels – Public Desire

I’m always on the look out for new places to shop and this post is full of new fashion discoveries! I haven’t shopped in Hollister since I was 14, their slogan tees aren’t my style but I was recently recommend one of their dressers by a reader on Twitter. On a recent trip to Westfield I reluctantly visited Hollister and I was pleasantly surprised. They seemed to have ditched a lot of their slogan tees and their new range is very on trend, dainty, basic and cheaper. I couldn’t believe that this top was only £12, I don’t remember Hollister being that sort of price? (£12 is a lot when I could probably get this is £2 in Primark BUT I wasn’t expecting about £20+!) When it comes to jeans I only seem to head to Topshop, although pricey they are the perfect fit for my shape which I don’t want find with jeans. I’m a Primark fanatic but I’m obsessed with Topshop jeans so never really gave them a chance before. These white Primark jeans are my fave that I own and they were only £11.

As well as a shopaholic I’m a bit of a Instagram fanatic and my favourite feed at the moment is Public Desire. I just want to buy everything so I’ve started with their Rosie Nude Heeled Peeptoe boot and I’ve already made a long list of others I want. I buy things too easily after seeing it on blogs or Instagram.. What’s your new favourite place to shop? Recommend me your favourites!

Photography Karl Cowell

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