• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Neon Lights

Bralet – Primark

Skirt – Missguided

Heels – ASOS

This skirt is super bright in person, it definitely makes me stand out. “I can spot you a mile away” was a remark I recently got from someone who really did spot me from quite a distance! As if my red (now ginger) hair didn’t make me stand out enough! Although this outfit is very summery I will definitely be still wearing both items this winter for nights out! This skirt comes in handy for neon and UV themed nights. I’ve ordered so much from Missguided recently and I’m never disappointed. Their prices and pieces are amazing! I really want to order some more right now, hate being a poor student! I’ll just keep adding things to my never ending Christmas list (yes, already!)

Missing my natural tan from Spain and the sun. Time to put away my beloved Asos sandals and bring the docs back out. Winter is coming and it’s also back to reality now! I started third year only a week ago and already I have so much to do. So I apologise for the last of blog posts recently and for the next few months. It’s scary to think in just a few months university will be over altogether. I still feel like a first year!

#Asos #Missguided #Primark

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