• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Negronis at Cartizze Bar

Nestled in the cobbled mews of Mayfair…

Where I lost my Negroni Virginity, we found the a little hidden gem Cartizze Bar. The perfect place for a truly glamorous Friday Eve tipple or two. It was time to get trollied at Cartizze Bar. Literally as they have just unveiled their newest addition to the bar: an antique Empire-style drinks trolley filled with Negroni (pictured above). Before then I’d never had a Negroni before so I was really excited to try it.

The intimate bar seats sixty people and which means pre-booking is necessary! The bar is clad in Art Deco which creates a sumptuous setting and has a sophisticated vibe with cocktails to suit. Cartizze Bar is all about luxury with it’s lilac and blue leather seating with a sparkling bar filled with impressive crystal glassware. The glassware and cocktail shakers have actually been sourced from antique markets across London and Italy.

The first Negroni my guest and I tried was their ‘off the menu’ Negroni which is called the “Floreale Negroni” which translates to Floral Negroni. It is made using Italian Gin, Falernum, Creme Yvette, Campari and Antica Formula and then garnished with zest of Orange and orange blossom. Cartizze’s mixologists make this bespoke cocktail from the Negroni Trolly and provides a taste of an Italian summer.

I greedily finished mine…and my guests.

The Negroni menu includes a Vintage Negroni priced at £50. It’s an exclusive blend made with 1960’s Carpano Vermouth, Antica Formula and Martini Rosso. Bit pricey? Don’t worry there are other drinks at an affordable price from the Cocktail menu or Negroni trolley.

The service is attentive, we had a fantastic time chatting to the bar manager Eric who made sure he was always there to help. Thanks to him we had a fantastic time and we learnt so much behind the Negroni menu.

During our visit I also decided to try an Amaretto Sour. The best I have ever had in fact.

If you would like a bar snack to accompany your drinks then I highly recommend the delicious Orkney scallops. I could have devoured plate after plate.

The bustling mews in Lancashire Court are just off of Bond Street. Before visitng Cartizze Bar, which is named after the prosecco vineyards in Northern Italy FYI, I didn’t know this area existed despite spending a lot of evenings in nearby Bond Street, Mayfair and Soho.

The mews have such an exciting vibe so if you enjoy the finer things in life, then Cartizze Bar is a must-try. £14 may seem steep for a cocktail but it’s all about the experience and I can guarantee that you will feel like a VIP – plus it’s cheaper than a trip to Italy, right?

I have to add that the best part is after drinking almost 3 Negronis and an Amaretto Sour I DIDN’T have a hangover. This never happens.

& here’s a photo of me after too many Negronis…

Cartizze Bar, I’ll be back.

Cartizze Bar

4 Lancashire Court



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