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My week in photos!

Here are some photos from Tuesday – Friday! I’ve had a great weekend so far, only two weeks left and I have three weeks off for Easter (and about 7 assignments to do! 🙁 )

A day out in London with Sarah on Tuesday 🙂

I’ve really got into amaretto recently and was dying to buy myself a bottle and these are my favourite chocolates!

Had a little browse around Kingston – bad idea – as I can never leave somewhere empty handed!

Got the jumper above for £5 in Primark, it’s slightly vintage looking which is my obsession at the moment.

Bought this from Topshop, think it came in stock this week. Really disappointed with it though, after wearing it for about an hour the weekend I noticed the fabric has gone all ‘bobbly’ like it’s an old top I’ve worn a million times !

Found this in my dressing table drawer, no idea where I got it? But I’ve always wanted to try it but it’s too expensive. Well tried it now, wasn’t as great as everyone makes it out to be!

Annoying Ben by taking photos of myself in the mirror, Sorry baby love you 😉

Just took these cringeworthy photos of myself to show the new Primark jumper which I put together with a purple bodycon skirt from Primark.

Making cocktails with Ben! We made like two and then gave up hah!

Russian Standard, Jack Daniels, Peach Schnapps (another new favourite!), blue curcao (from Vom Fass) & Sourz (always been a fav!)

Put my nails on wednesday night and it’s sunday now, I have 4 left! So much for staying on for 10 days pffttttt

Taking a photo friday night of myself in my favourite ‘SNOW WAY’ Topshop PJs!

My nails I put on Wednesday night, excuse the dried glue around them. Ewww.

Outfit on friday.

Levi shorts – Rokit < I LOVE these SO much but why must they be so uncomfortable?

Jumper – Primark

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