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My week in photos!

Here are some instagrams – my obsession – and other photos from my week ! 🙂 Hope I don’t bore you, this is turning from a fashion & beauty blog to a diary!

Last sunday, I had no water at home from 5:30am to 10:30pm so there was a van giving out water. Thankfully I have my boyfriend who brought around water and Sarah who went on the search for water – it sold out in the local area – and brought me homemade shortbread to keep me alive. Thanks guys!

I saw The Devil Inside, although it was kind of scary and “Connect the cuts” still haunts me and the ending was well, a huge disappoint, I really did enjoy it and I want to see it again!?

Saw this on the floor at Bluewater, embarrassed my boyfriend by taking a photo – should be used to it by now the amount I take 😉 – but wanted to take a photo because well I love Kingston 😛

I went to the cinema again on Tuesday as 02 Priorty moments has a deal where it is 40% off a ticket – although I don’t have 02 so I wasn’t the one who got the discount 🙁 But thankfully I have a NUS card ! 21 Jump street was good, cannot believe how different Jonah Hill looks! The film was so good and the end was actually so gripping and dramatic.

Wednesday I went to Wimbledon after uni and went to my two favourite places. NANDOS and WETHERSPOONS! Just two more stamps and I get a whole free chicken! I go to Nandos at least once a week and Wetherspoons about three times a week? I think I am the reason Nandos, Wetherspoons, National Rail and Topshop can carry on trading, that’s where all my money seems to go!

I discovered the “Draw something’ iPhone app monday, but it finally started working on my phone wednesday night and here are some print screens of the game. I’m addicted, it’s my new temple run! I’m rubbish at drawing, the photo below is actually one of my best – surprisingly!

I love peace signs so loved this one my friend Sarah drew 🙂

I tried out the 17 nail varnish below yesterday, not a fan. It chipped in less than 24 hours.

The most amazing chocolate you will ever have. 99p, Lidl.

An interview I got for the Olympics London 2012, I ended up not accepting in the end though!

My shoes on Friday, possibly a little OTT for some…

I wanted to go to this! I was a bit lazy this weekend though and didn’t end up going, I hope I didn’t miss anything good!

My Rihanna top I bought at her tour in December, wore it for the first time on Friday.

Having a glass of sparkling rose with my mum and dad on Saturday night.

I love sparkling rose! 🙂 Aw a little easter present for me (the duck filled with marshmallows)

Ben’s cat, aww <3

I like this picture, thought it looked cool 😉

A shot of pineapple sourz in the shot glass I brought back from Vienna in January.

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