• Roxii Hoare-Smith

My past two weeks!


Was feeling ill on Easter Monday so my boyfriend got me this big lolly with lots of little lollies inside, aw!

A really bad quality photo of a rainbow in the week after Easter

I went to stay in Hatfield last week and went to The Forum at the University of Hertfordshire and didn’t really take any photos…so here’s a photo of the bar! lol!

I know a lot of people seem to dislike her but I love Cher Lloyd’s music so I went to her concert at Shepherds Bush on the 15th April. I got my friend Sarah, in the photo (L), tickets for her birthday.

I keep finding this in my bag and clothes, this was everywhere at the end of the concert.

I like almost every kind of music out there and really liked one of the support acts at Cher’s show.

SDJEM, check out their new music video here. Their music is very pop and dance.

On monday I went to Chiquito with my boyfriend and friends and for some reason I got a huge piece of brownie compared to everyone else! I’ve now got a Chiquito loyalty card so I’ll have to fill that up like my Nandos card 😛

After eating some Ben & Jerry’s while I was in Hatfield, my obsession has returned. Me and my boyfriend made a quick run to Morrisons 10 minutes before it closed to get this. (£4.50 but it’s on offer for £2.50 in ASDA if anyone is interested ;))

More Ben & Jerry’s! Yum <3

Me and Sarah before going to The Forum

I didn’t really get any pictures or good pictures at the concert, here’s the best I could get.

As I’m a little obsessed with clothes, I was in love with her outfit and I actually have the same/very similar top as her and have been after a black dip hem skirt for a while…might have to steal the look!

I wish I could wear a trilby too but I don’t think they suit me 🙁

Some photos of me and Ben from last week 🙂

I went to Wales the weekend so lots of photos to come! Hope everyone had a good weekend and this post didn’t bore you too much!

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