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My Nightmare Weekend

Between the ages of 12-14 I basically wore ALL Primark. Then I went through my ASOS and Topshop phases but since blogging but I seem to be going back to my roots and wearing everything Primark recently!

Their new Tottenham Court Road store is my heaven so bought a lot in there recently which is why I’ve been featuring so much Primark on here!

Cardigan – Primark

Dress – Primark

Belt – Primark

Socks – H&M

Boots – Dr Martens

Anyway you are probably wondering why this is called My Nightmare Weekend?

Long story short (oh my, most stressful evening ever, there were tears) I left my purse & keys at home and didn’t think anything of it until my boyfriend dropped me home to get ready for our night out – I was so excited I had frozen slushy cocktails and planned to wear my new glittery Topshop dress for the big launch of this new club.

Anyway no one was home so I was stuck with no my makeup on, awful hair, big jumper and leggings and yeah I couldn’t go to a club like this!

I had straightners and wash stuff at my boyfriends thank god so I ended up borrowing £50 and got new make up & this dress but then I realised my ID was at home as well!!! My poor parents had to travel 2 hours home to come give me keys, I felt so guilty 🙁

But that is the story of how this dress came into my life! Least now I can kind of look back at it and laugh. Kind of.

(Now we have our tree up I can shift these bags of presents and put them under it!!)

Nail Polish – Barry M – Blue Moon

Rings – Pandora

What I bought that day:

#DocMarten #Primark

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