• Roxii Hoare-Smith

My life recently (PICTURE HEAVY)

Some snaps of what I’ve been up to recently! (Be warned picture heavy!!)

Bumped into Jameela Jamil about 5 times in Topshop!

I won this in a raffle hahah!

Enjoying the gorgeous weather in the park and feeding the ducks haha!

Last Sunday we had a roast dinner with my family then a BBQ with Bens. I went inside to get some towels to lay on in the sun and came back and he got me with this water gun 🙁

The next day we had another water fight with these – such children 😉

A trip to the zoo!

Came home after my zoo trip and some of our fence had been changed and it was no one in my family! WHAT? haha!

Clubbing times!

Kent cider – so good!

So sorry to bore you all! SO many photos oopsiee!

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