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My Beauty Favourites

Over the past few months I’ve been trying out a selection of products. So I’ve pulled together my favourites to recommend the beauty products I think you need to try! (This may even help with some Christmas gift ideas!)

If you didn’t know already I am a huge lipstick fan. I love trying our new brands or new types of lipstick from liquid lipsticks to matte, cream and satin lipsticks to lip stains and tints. I own a few Urban Decay lipsticks which I love so was really excited to try out their new range of Vice lipsticks. The shade range is absolutely incredible (100 shades!) and the packaging is so slick with a touch of luxury.

I love bright and unusual coloured lipsticks so I already own a huge selection of purple lipsticks as it’s my favourite shade to wear. However the Cream Vice Lipstick in Twitch is different to any colour I own so I had to try it. I usually go for matte lipsticks as I find cream lipsticks come off too easily or are too sticky but risked it as Twitch is such a beautiful shade.

Twitch is so smooth and creamy, it glides on so evenly and it is so pigmented that you only need to apply it once. As it is cream it transfers quite easy but as the colour is so strong it didn’t rub off my lips and lasted a long time without a top up. You can see what it looks like on me here. This has totally changed my view of cream lipsticks!

Being a huge matte lipstick fan I also tried 2 mega matte lipsticks in shades 714 (red) and Crash (orange). These are the perfect matte lipsticks! The colours are so vibrant and pigmented so you only need to apply one coat. They are really matte without being drying at all. I hate matte lipsticks which after a very hours just make your lips look cracked and dry and you can feel the heavy product on your lips all day. These lipsticks didn’t give that look at all and remained smooth for hours without any sign of dryness or flaking. I could hardly feel I was wearing it and I wore them all day without the need for a top up.

Both colours are very bright so are perfect if you are looking for a daring vibrant make up look. However Urban Decay has launched a 100 new shades so there’s a shade for everyone. You can see them all here.

I want to experiment with eye make up more so decided to try the Naked 2 Basics palette. The palettes contains 5 cool matte shades and 1 satin finish shade which makes it the perfect palette to create a day to day look.

I’m no make up artist and my make up skills are pretty, well, basic. So I thought the Naked 2 Basics palette would be perfect for me to practice with and to create subtle eye looks. I always feel that eye make up never really suits me so the subtle basic colours are perfect for me. You can create a day to day look or even mix it up to create a bold evening look with the darker shades in the palette.

The colours are highly pigmented and last all day without fading or smudging, especially when wearing an Urban Decay eye primer (my favourite is sin!). The palette is a lot smaller than the others in the Naked collection so is easy to carry around and I find it perfect to bring when travelling.

 See my look on Instagram here.

Dying my hair often and using heat styling products every other day it means I have to take as much care as possible.

I’m a huge fan of Paul Mitchell products and I was lucky enough to be sent a box of their products to try every two months throughout the year. I’ve reviewed a few items in the past (see here) and here are some more of my current favourites. As mentioned before I love their products as they are against animal cruelty and are gluten free, vegan and paraben free.

I recieved the products with the cute sailor style hairbrush as part of the Paul Mitchell Yacht Club collection however the products can be bought separately.

I recommend the Paul Mitchell Moisture Mist (and to be honest the whole moisture collection) for dry and damaged hair. It can also be sprayed on skin so I sometimes spray a little across my face just to brighten and freshen my skin as it can get a little dry from all of the oil preventing products I use on it! It helps to give silkier and softer skin and hair, plus it smells beaut. I’ll definitely be repurchasing the moisture products as I noticed such a difference in my hair as it looked so much healthier and shinier.

I’m also loving the  Paul Mitchell Extra-Body products. My favourites include the root lifter for that extra bit of volume to my hair, as it seems to get a bit flat as the roots start to grow through. As well as the thickening foam to give my hair a bit of extra life and assist with styling.

My hair is naturally wavy so the Paul Mitchell Curls products helps boost that wave in my hair too. I like to put this in my hair whilst damp and allow it to dry naturally to enhance the natural curl in my hair.

Other products I’m loving at the moment are NYX. I am obsessed! I just love every product I’ve tried from there and I’m slowly making my way through the whole collection, especially the lipsticks. The Liquid Suede lip creams are by far my favourite and I highly recommend trying Cherrie Skies and Vintage for bold red-brown lips, the perfect winter shades. I adore the macaron shades however these are my least favourite from NYX just because it shows up how much my teeth need whitening…not cool.

I’m also loving Browcote, to keep those brows in place and Lipcote, a product which every lipstick fan needs in their bag! Paul Mitchell also sent me a lip and cheek tint from New CID Cosmetics. Although I love a bright and bold lip, this colour is perfect for a subtle makeup look for work.

What products should I try next?

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