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Muriel’s Kitchen Soho

Muriel’s Kitchen is a cute and stylish (and very Instagramable!) restaurant located in the heart of Soho with branches in Richmond and South Kensington.

Muriel’s Kitchen was founded by owner Charlotte who named the restaurant after her grandmother Muriel, as she was a fantastic and adventurous cook. Charlotte was fed up of fast food and prepackaged sandwiches so created Muriel’s Kitchen – a place that felt like home and serves home cooked style dishes which are a reasonable price. Their first branch opened in South Kensington in 2011 and since then they’ve opened 2 more restaurants as well as MK in Putney which is a cafe and food store.

The Soho branch is in the centre of top West End shows including Harry Potter & The Cursed Child and Aladdin, making it the perfect location for a pre or post theatre meal.

We decided to dine early on a Monday at 6.15pm, during the prime pre-theatre buzz, so the restaurant was full to the brim. As well as dinner we also saw guests enjoying afternoon tea with delicate sandwiches and sweet treats laid out on little picnic tables.

We sat at the back of the restaurant on the soft velvet grey-green coloured chairs. The interiors are absolutely stunning with the walls adorning beautiful artwork and a mint green, grey and white colour scheme. One seating area includes a fun swing seats but unfortunately these were occupied when we arrived.

You must see the downstairs during your visit. The area is elegantly decorated with bric a brac, bird cage lamp features and a gorgeous rose gold candlestick holder.

Nothing is frozen at Muriel’s Kitchen so you can guarantee everything is freshly prepared on site. The only frozen items are their Froses – (frozen rose drinks) which are made with rose and red wine, fruit choices and fresh fruits and they were incredible! These fruity slushy drinks were very deceiving as you can hardly taste the alcohol and were just so refreshing. The perfect bev for an unusually warm autumnal evening!

Muriel’s Kitchen is open for food from 8am until 11.30pm Monday to Saturday and 9am until 10.30pm Sundays. The menu changes seasonally and during our visit we tried the Potato & rosemary bread and Smoked Scottish salmon with shaved cucumber, coffee, dill and mustard dressing – which was also perfect to dip the potato bread in! You could taste the freshness in the dishes and the incredible mix of flavours.

For mains we shared the Spicy chipotle beef and pork meatballs with wild and basmatic rice and the Chicken and peach curry with wild and basmatic rice, mango chutney & cucumber riata and poppodoms.

The meatballs were very spicy but went down well with rice and drizzle of cooling sour cream. Out of the two this was probably my favourite dish as the flavours were so prominent.

The curry dish was amazing, especially with my favourite mango chutney and poppadoms! It was really mild which was a great contrast to the meatballs. I just wish the peachy flavours had been a bit more noticeable. We couldn’t finish both portions between us, they were so generous and filling and definitely showed what Muriel’s Kitchen is all about – fresh, wholesome and homemade style dishes but at an affordable price.

Speaking of big portions…the cakes. WOW. We were able to order a half slice of the carrot cake and chocolate nutella cake as were warned they were large and boy, even these half slices were huge!! We also greedily ordered a Creme brulee on the side…(to be fair, the 2 slices were just the size of 1 normal portion!)

The cakes were SO good and moist even the chocolate nutella, which you wouldn’t believe was gluten free! Out of the 3 desserts it was a tough choice deciding our favourite but it had to be the cakes. The carrot cake had a generous helping of cheese cream icing and the chocolate nutella cake was to die for, but I do say that about most things that are chocolate…

It is rare to find restaurants that stock English wine so I thought I would sample a glass of the Bacchus white wine. It was tasty with an unusual intense aroma, although must admit I think I’ll be sticking to my New Zealand Marlbough.

Muriel’s Kitchen is a must visit for stylish decor, tasty grub, great drinks and good vibes all round.

Muriel’s Kitchen

36-38 Old Compton St



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