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MUA reviews

Great lips LOVE HEARTS lip balm – £2

Bad picture of the balm on my hand. As you can see it gives quite a clear/natural look.

I love this lip balm, it gives your lips a great shine. It’s so creamy too. I’d say this is probably one of my favourite lip balms I’ve tried so far and it’s so cheap! The packaging is cute too.

Highly recommend this, I might try out some more colours myself.

MUA eyeshadow – Shade 27 – Pearl – £1

This eye shadow is great, it’s really pigmented and showed up very gold on my eyelids.

Normally £1 eyeshadows are rubbish but this lasted all day and didn’t really crease!

Trio eyeshadow – Innocence – £2.50

(comes with a double sponge applicator)

I’m so pleased with this eyeshadow trio, with cheap eyeshadows I often find they are too weak so I have to spend ages putting it on but I didn’t find it with these.

The back of the packaging recommends how to wear the shadows.

Dark shadow (left) – Liner

Right eyeshadow – Fill the eyes

and use the white eyeshadow as a highlighter.

LOVE HEARTS nail varnishes – £2

Really impressed, I only had to apply one coat as the varnish is so thick. I always find myself applying coat after coat with other polishes. Really like these nail varnishes although they do seem to chip almost straight away! May have to try a clear coat next time.

As you can see above it did chip after an hour or so of applying but apart from that it lasted pretty well, pleased with it 🙂

Have you tried MUA?

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