• Roxii Hoare-Smith

More recent bargains!

Seriously HAVE to stop spending!

By the way, this post was made BEFORE my 100 day challenge started!

Creepers – £14.99 – eBay

I love my Underground creepers as they are much comfier and much better made but as I don’t want these to last, just while they are in fashion 🙂

To me this bag looks the same as my £40 Zara bag but this baby was just £12 in Primark! It’s as well made as my Zara bag and looks just as good!

I wanted this dress in Topshop when it was £36 but really do not think it’s worth that amount! I got this for £6.30 with student discount – bargain!

Although should have checked the buttons as there are a few missing…nothing my mum can’t sort hahah!

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