• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Mobile Phone Exchange :(

My phone was due for upgrade so last week I got my new iPhone 5 and sent my phone off to Mobile Phone Exchange. Before the iPhone 5 came out my iPhone 4 16GB was worth £200 so couldn’t wait to exchange it!

Sadly by the time I requested an exchange the price has gone down to £136 🙁 But I posted my phone off anyway and today I got this email which actually made me want to cry…


That’s almost £160 the original offer a few weeks ago! So you would expect that my phone must be a right state for them to knock off so much? Here is the crack:

Can you see it? It must be about half a CM, a TINY crack! Now I don’t know much about phones and repairing the screen but surely that tiny crack…does that really only make my phone worth £41 :(? I’m so upset!

I actually dropped it on a table after about two days of having the phone and made that crack and two years later I have made no further damage.

I’ve emailed them and really hope they can send the phone back to me even if it does cost a fee!

Has anyone else had this issue?

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