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Mixing up Memories at Be At One Wimpole Street

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

It’s no secret that I am a huge Be at One fan. I’ve been a regular at the chain for over five years and I feel responsible for introducing many people to the wonderful cocktail bars (you’re welcome, Be at One.)

But when I introduce people to Be at One, they don’t just visit now and then, they too make it their regular cocktail haunt. There’s something about this place that just draws you in again and again and again. It could be the vibrant and buzzing atmosphere, the friendly/singing/dancing bartenders, the affordable happy hour or the extensive cocktail list. There’s many reasons why I and so many others just adore Be at One.

Hair by Blow Garden in Maidstone

My friends and I have spent many hours and many happy hours at Be at One Greek Street, it’s traditional that we meet there for birthdays (and get there for happy hour and buy six cocktails at once) so I feel like by now I know the menu inside out.

So when an opportunity came up to review – a dream review – I decided to go for a bar that I’m not so familiar with so I decided on Be at One Wimpole Street.

Similar to the Greek Street branch, Wimpole Street is in a fantastic location just off of Oxford Street, surrounded by lots of great restaurants and within easy access to tube stations and bus routes. I’m very familiar with the cocktail menu – or shall I say cocktail book – but Be at One have really upped their game lately and are regularly adding new cocktails to the menu that even I can’t keep up. I’m going to have to make my visits even more regular!

Like usual I decided to stop by at 4.30pm as it is during happy hour and when I usually think will be a quiet time to have a few drinks (because I’m in impatient and want to get served quicker). But I am mistaken every time. The bars are always busy whatever time you arrive and there’s always such a fun and exciting atmosphere. Especially at the Greek Street branch, as you make your way from daylight to the basement bar you feel like you’ve sudden fast forwarded to 10pm as there’s always a full on party going on.

The bartenders are absolutely amazing. It will forever impress me how they can remember so many orders and multitask by making around 10 different cocktails at once whilst still singing, joking and dancing along with everyone.

During our visit we tried a few cocktails that we hadn’t before. Be at One have an impressive menu with over 90 cocktails so despite my regular visits it wasn’t hard to find cocktails we hadn’t tasted before.

For the whiskey lovers, we tried the Sazerac. Be at One describe Sazerac as ‘a local New Orleans variation of an old-fashioned cognac or whiskey cocktail and it can be made with cognac & bourbon or Rye whiskey.’

The Be at One adaption is a mix of:

  1. Buffalo Trace bourbon

  2. Martell VS Cognac

  3. Creole bitters

  4. Absinthe rinsed glass

  5. Or choose straight Buffalo Trace bourbon or Bulleit rye whiskey

We also sipped on the ‘Bit of me’ cocktail which was…well a bit of me! It’s a refreshing drink ideal for those with a sweet tooth as this cocktail is a blend of:

  1. Hendrick’s gin

  2. Rhubarb

  3. Strawberry

  4. Soda

One of my favourite drinks on the menu (because I’m a fan of unnaturally, bright coloured drinks) is the Blue Steel. This cocktail was inspired by Zoolander The Movie. It’s a light and refreshing fruity cocktail mix of:

  1. Beefeater gin

  2. Prosecco Santomè

  3. Blue curaçao

  4. White peach

  5. Egg white

  6. Lemon

Be at One has such a innovative menu with an array of creative concoctions which makes it so hard what to pick each time. Be at One isn’t the type of place you can just stop by for a quick drink. You’ll want to stay there to make your way through the menu and after a few be up by the bar dancing with the bartenders.

For our next round we went for the Banoffee Old Fashioned. This is an exciting twist on the popular old fashioned and Be at One add an unusual kick to it with banana syrup and banoffee foam. The cocktail features:

  1. Bulleit bourbon

  2. White chocolate liqueur

  3. Banana syrup

  4. Banoffee foam

We also tried an old favourite, an Aperol Spritz and a new favourite – the Petty Filloo. This cocktail is inspired by my old childhood lunchbox favourite, the Petit Filou yoghurt. The likeness to the yoghurt is remarkable. It’s a light cocktail but with a delicate creamy, fromage frais taste, created with:

  1. Beefeater Pink gin

  2. Lemon

  3. Egg white

  4. Sugar

  5. Tastefully decorated with a Petit Filou style Be at One ‘lid’

If you are a fan of Aperol Spritzes then I would recommend going for Be at One’s A-Pear-ol cocktail (pictured left below). This is a British take on the Italian cocktail to make it appropriate for the colder months so instead of orange flavours, this cocktail is mixed with pear and pomegranate.

Another cocktail ideal for the winter months is the Shoreditch Sangria. Another British twist on this Spanish drink, this drink reminds me of a (cold) mulled wine and is made with:

  1. Plymouth Sloe gin

  2. Malbec wine

  3. Pomegranate

  4. Spiced Pear

  5. Orange

  6. Blackberries

  7. Angostura bitters

Lastly we tried the You So Sake cocktail, small in size but big in taste, this cocktail contains:

  1. Chivas 18yr Scotch whisky

  2. Plum sake

  3. Rhubarb bitters

If you haven’t been to Be at One yet then GO! You are seriously missing out…

Some of my other personal favourite cocktails include Blueberry Muffin, Apple Pie, Island Fox, and Irish Disco Biscuit. You can view all of their cocktails here.

Check out their website to see the opening times for each bar and most importantly their happy hour times.

Be at One 94 Wimpole St Marylebone London W1G 0EH

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