• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Missguided: Ordering clothes online part I

Top, Clutch – eBay

Skirt – Missguided

Heels – Zara

I order the majority of my clothes online and many people ask if I have problems with sizings when I order things online. YES. I probably own quite a few things I would never buy in shops because its too big but I haven’t bothered to send them back. The sizings vary EVERY time and often because I’m stupid I order the wrong size because that’s all that they have left.

I loved this skirt on the Missguided shoot recently and was so excited when it finally came in stock. I own a few skirts from Missguided so I ordered my usual S/M aka size 8/10. Sadly I had to send back the skirt in these photos because it came up SO big around the waist, not that you can see much in the photos, but it was more a size M/L than a S/M! I never wore the skirt out, these photos were taken when I tried it on!

Normally I don’t have a problem with Missguided and I find the sizing is fine and their clothes are gorgeous so I’m definitely not slating them as knowing me I will order more on there next week. I just wanted to express my opinion about ordering online. It’s also a shame that unlike ASOS, Missguided don’t offer free returns…damn! But wow their postage is quick. I ordered at 9pm at night and managed to get free next day delivery and by 1pm the next day it was at my house!

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