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Minga London Rainbow Suit

In Stockholm during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Back in May I went to Stockholm, you can see my other Stockholm outfit posts here and here. We actually went during the annual Eurovision Song Contest which was being held in the city.

I’m not a huge Eurovision fan, but as cheesy as it may be I must admit I have probably watched every year since I was a child. I’m just fascinated by the music and the crazy outfit and its always a great laugh. Years ago I even held a Eurovision drinking game party – “drink whenever the UK gets nil points…”

During our trip to Stockholm we thought we would check it out so we went to the After Party at the Tele2 Arena. The party was insane and I had the most amazing time. The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone was just so happy and carefree. It was great seeing so many bold, bright and colourful outfits and personalities, we met some really fantastic people. Everyone was just so happy and in good spirits. Also the music was incredible too, I literally felt like they were using my Spotify the amount of bubblegum pop they played.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on this rainbow unitard for Minga London for so long and I was so happy when it finally came in stock. Although I had no idea what I would find an opportunity to wear it.

It’s so daring, not only due to the bright colours but I didn’t feel very body confident wearing such skin tight attire! I was really nervous about wearing it but the Eurovision After Party seemed like the perfect place as my outfit was really appreciated by all of the wonderful people we met.

I haven’t worn this outfit at home yet. There’s something about being abroad where I feel a lot more carefree about what I wear and the stares and laughs about what you are wearing don’t seem to matter as much as I’ll never see those people again.

Here’s a few phone photos from our crazy night. One of my favourite nights out, I felt so carefree and happy…so who wants to join me in Ukraine ;)?

Leaving The Globe, Stockholm at 6am, I didn’t want the party to end…

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